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HerbaLine 2019 CNY Reward Campaign

Fun Rewarding Campaign to express thankful & appreciation to all the longterm support customers during festive season.

UX / UI Design Gamification

The Story

Herbaline is the pioneer of single beauty spa treatments that provide a transparent and upfront product, services and cost menu, we provide every valued customer the freedom to choose their treatments each time, and to return to us if they are satisfied with our services.

We strongly hold on to our business philosophy as to provide burden-free spending and services.The Herbaline Wellness Group accentuates on beauty, comfort and stress free services and packages. The vision is straightforward; everyone deserve an experience that lightens the body and mind.

At Herbaline Wellness Group, we aspire to offer a unique and holistic wellness experience based on the 'Eat Well; Look Well; Live Well' principle via 3 primary brands. From the Facial Spa and Therapeutic Massage by Herbaline Facial Spa, to hearty and delicious meals by Mama kim, and a relaxing setting in the Sojourn Guest House. We strive to ensure that one gets to experience the best of our expertise.


Interactive Game, UX/UI Design, Gamification Marketing

project date

23 Jan 2019

Gamification Gamification Gamification Gamification Gamification

the result

Gamification Rewarding Campaign to acquire & retain new customers, create emotional response to your products or services.