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Nova Wellness Group - eShop Revamp

Responsive design + eShop CMS, Modern + Trendy designs, clean and crisp minimalist compositions.

eCommerce Site Development UX / UI Design Veinapps CMS

The Story

Nova is a health and beauty company that develops, manufactures, and markets health supplements, functional foods, and natural skincare products. For every consumer who is passionate about a good life, Nova delivers hope and happiness through good health.

The business principle of Efficacy First, which guided him during that period, has become the lifelong guiding principle for Nova and deeply rooted in our four promises that we made to our customers.


Responsive design + eShop CMS, Modern + Trendy designs, Clean and crisp minimalist compositions

project date

20 March 2021

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the result

Finding the perfect blend between ecommerce and health supplements, a major shift in approach for Nova Wellness. Worked closely with the client to creating contemporary site designs that brought the new branding to life online.