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An Award-Winning Digital Creative Agency in Malaysia

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RewardinMe™ - Gamification Marketing

Responsive design + Gamification Marketing Platform, Modern + Trendy designs, clean and crisp minimalist compositions.

Site Development UX / UI Design Gamification

The Story

RewardinMe™ started RewardinMe because we noticed that our clients were struggling to keep up with the changing buying behaviors of their customers. As a highly skilled web agency, we noticed the custom Gamification Campaigns we built that managed to get some attention. The only problem was: these effective campaigns were super expensive to build from scratch. So, we planned, “what if we could build a technology platform enabling brands reward everyday moments in apps and & run marketing gamification campaigns on their own without the need to engage an agency?”

We strongly believed that this was a missing brick in the marketing tech stack, and we believed that building this technology could be a key element in our clients’ build strong connections with their target audiences during these moments, pursuit of deeper & more meaningful interactions.


Gamification can significantly improve for community engagement, such as in employee engagement, marketing, customer advocacy, and learning. RewardinMe™ platform allows you to be in the moments that matter.

project date

29 April 2021

Gamification Gamification Gamification Gamification

the result

We merge the potential of gameplay with our best marketing strategy encourage and reward your audience with our White-label Gamification drive across mobile, social networks and web. Request a demo now!